Self-Employment Careers: follow trends (or lead them!)


Self-Employment Careers


There are vast numbers of working for yourself type careers available to you and many people choose to do these while working another job to support them as they launch this, or other full for part time work, or multiple types of side gigs. I personally recommend having multiple sources of income/revenue as this offers more financial stability in my opinion. If one source of revenue changes then you have other sources of revenue to fall back on. We’ll take a look at self-employment careers here. I welcome any feedback or comments from each of you to help others nurture their own business.

Some ideas to start:

  1. Find your passion
  2. Find a problem and solve it for someone
  3. Follow trends

The following trends requiring no degrees can lead to lucrative contract or freelance work (as well as traditionally employed careers):

            Social Media Manager/ Social Media Specialist

Helping others online in this capacity can take a self-employed individual from a basic wage to a very high earning annual income.


Learning and mastering WordPress can lead to a contract or freelance job of creating and maintaining WordPress websites ranging from $20-$65 an hour

            Ad Operations and Optimization Manager

This is career can be accomplished by finding a product you want to sell or working via Google Ads or Facebook Ads. The average Ad Operations and Optimization Manager salaries range from $48,000 to $63,000

            UX/UI Designer

There are bootcamps to learn these skills and you can also teach yourself User Experience Design and User Interface Design. Salaries in this field range from $70-$120,000.


More self-employment opportunities will be explored and featured here. Again, please share any questions or comments below to help inspire others to their ideal self-employment!


  • Gary

    Thanks to you, I learned something new today about self-employment careers. I know a little bit about WordPress, which I learned the hard way, but never thought I could make money with it.

    I like your advice to follow your heart. That’s what I’ve done for the past 30 years and it’s made all the difference.

    With the internet, there is no reason to work for a boss if you don’t want to. It takes planning and a willingness to take small risks, but the rewards are phenomenal.

    Even if you don’t get rich, you get to live life on your terms. That’s the greatest reward ever.

  • greg smyth

    Where are the pedals on the bike? Sorry, just my sense of fun.

    This article topic is very relevant to anybody online, as we are learning all the time. What we learn can be used for other income streams, as you have said.

    Our knowledge can be used to help others, and maybe earning an income too. You may have friends or family that want to set up a blog, but have no idea how. If you can help, word of mouth is still an effective form of advertising!

    Many ways of earning online income will mean many opportunities, and your knowledge can be worth money!


    • Good eye, Greg!

      I guess there’s no pedals on the bike because with “freedom” you wouldn’t need them. Ha ha

      Thanks for your comments and feedback!


      ~ Tam

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