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From Linda (09 August 2015):


I am so happy I found Wealthy Affiliate! Great training, and I have learned so much. I joined on August 9, 2015, and I already have two websites up and running. I like all of this and am proud to be able to do this, but my favorite thing about WA is the community. The other members are so awesome. EVERYONE is so helpful and supportive, you will not find that anywhere else on this internet and beyond!

From Valerie Joy:

Affiliate Marketing has been a passion of mine for the past 7 years but, due to owning a virtual secretarial business, there hasn’t been enough time to dedicate to it. I have recently taken a step back from secretarial matters and I’m now enjoying time doing what I love the most in respect to being on the internet. I have three websites, one that I started in 2010 and anothers in 2014.

It is now Thursday 3rd September 2015 and I have been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past 5 weeks; the best 5 weeks of my affiliate marketing life ever!

Prior to becoming a Premium member of WA I believed that I had a fairly good knowledge of what affiliate marketing is really about. Well, the past weeks have shown me that in spite of being the owner of 3 websites prior to joining WA Premium, I really didn’t have a great knowledge of affiliate marketing at all.

The tuition provided to WA members is outstanding! Wealthy Affiliate leaders share all of their knowledge. They hold nothing back! They are totally generous with sharing their affiliate marketing skills, their knowledge of tools that make for easy website planning and building, along with their knowledge of how to research products and information. There is nothing hidden at WA. Knowledge is available at the finger tips of all WA Premium members to take advantage of.

My motto now is – “Don’t hold back – Move forward and live your dreams”

Finally, I now have my first WA website live. It is still a work in progress but it is a work that wouldn’t exist had I not joined Wealthy Affiliate University.

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From Chris Yohn:

Hello everyone, as you already know my name is Chris. I have searched the internet high and low for a long time in the past, but then I found wealthy affiliate and the journey has been amazing! The support here has superseded my expectations, and have been able to do a lot because of wealthy affiliate, even outside of my website!


From Katkaskitchen:


I live on the Southern coast of Spain in Andalucia. I have been a member here for a long time because I love this community. I came several years ago to stay eight weeks and have never cancelled.
Today I teach live workshops in London about WordPress security and Internet Marketing. I have branched out into product creation and writing health related PLR
If I can help anyone drop me a line

2014. Things have changed a lot since the old days, I have moved continents twice and countries three times, my face has a lot more wrinkles and my hair is white, but I still love Internet marketing with a passion. It gets me out of bed in the morning and I can still remember the rush I had when I earned my first affiliate commission if I am honest I remember it was $1.27 and I was on a high for a week, because I knew that making the first money was the hardest and you could rinse and repeat.

I have never had a job in the real sense of the word as I have been self employed for forty years so transferring my skills was a lot easier for me as I had a very very solid business background before I started.

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