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  • NemiraB

    Hello Tam.
    You have here a nice and engaging profile. A lot people can relate to you because so many students are struggling with their debts. Other people would like to escape rat race at their jobs.
    I wonder what do you do in Kenya? Do you have non-profit organization or do you work as volunteer? When you help people, you enrich your life. I think that promoting Wealthy Affiliate in your website, you will give opportunity to your visitors change their lives in a positive way.
    What can be better compare with freedom? The freedom from debt, worries and boss is a best gift for ourselves and our families.
    Keep up good work, all the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Thanks, Nemira!

      I appreciate your feedback. I am working and helping others in an effort to fully launch an NGO (nongovernmental organization/non profit) with a Kenyan colleague to have Kenyans help Kenyans.

      Learning how to navigate student loan forgiveness programs or to find options to wipe out student loans can help current and future students.

      Thanks again, Nemira!

      Cheers to you, too!

      ~ Tam

  • Lovely Introduction Tam.

    I complete agree that we can only ever experience true and complete wealth in our lives when we start to selflessly give to others. Thank you for sharing your story with the world and best of luck in your efforts of making this world a better place. (we need more like you)


    • Thank you, Duane! It is my deepest desire to see a positive ripple effect on society! Best wishes for great success to you, too! ~ Tam

  • I’m so glad that the internet gave you a second chance! It seems like you’ve learned a lot and you’ve got a lot of great material here. I am always happy to find people who have played out tips and tricks of navigating the world wide web. I hope you continue to find success 🙂

    • Second chances do feel good. Thanks for the feedback on my material. More than that, thanks for the well wishes for success! Great success to you now and always, too! Cheers! ~ Tam

  • Thanks for your help, Ian! I appreciate your help and feedback! ~ Tam

  • LOVE, LOVE this page. It’s cute, serious and sincere. Good job.

  • Nice job on this page…. Love the clarify and ease of reading. The WA graphic does not have a link, should it? You seem to getting it all together. Good job!

  • So all these questions will be figured out with your help excellent. I wish there was more people out there such as yourself who really care about what others want and need. You offer a valid and honest service this I look forward to hearing more about when you have the time.
    Yours Truly,

    • Thanks! Helping others and tailoring a website to meet their needs is important. There are many steps along the way and I’d love to discuss it further with you. Best regards, ~ Tam

  • I love the graphics!!! They ABSOLUTELY make anything more fun to read about.
    Awesome! ;o)

    • Thanks. It’s good to have fun, smile and laugh while designing and creating a website. Good success wishes coming your way now and always! ~ Tam

  • Andrew

    Hello, Tam thank you for providing such an easy to understand page. But I’m still not sure about who my audience is. If I say people – it’s too broad. Right? If I say, students or unemployed people it means my content and language I use should be easy to understand `for them. What do you think? Once we come up with who our audience how does it affect our website?

    • Thanks for your comments and feedback! Great questions! Once you clarify who your audience in then the shape and form and branding of your webpresence/website is identified and clear to your ideal audience. For example, I visited a website earlier today which was all about how to build a computer from scratch. This creator had a clear vision of the audience and language to use (which happen to include step by step videos for the learner) and created content for this audience. Hope this helps! Thanks again for your comments and feedback. Best wishes for great success to you, too! ~ Tam

  • Xin Zhang

    I really like the graphics you used in your site. They are very well done. Did you create them yourself?

    • Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. No I didn’t create them myself. Perhaps someday I will learn how to create such graphics.

  • Very fun and informative post to read! thanks for the info, learn something new everyday!!

  • Awesome Tam! This is a very interesting piece. I love that it gives me more insight on how to find out what I can write about by thinking of “what I often talk with my family and friends about”
    Fantastic idea of FREE websites! But I have already purchased one so I’ll make do with that, or from you think I can go ahead and get some free sites to talk about different things I love?
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing for us!


    • You can absolutely still get free websites! Go for it! Glad that what I shared was helpful to you. Blessings, hugs~n~JOY back atcha, Geraldine! ~ Tam

  • LeNard

    Hello, Tam,

    I like being self-employed because it really does offer me the freedom I’ve looked for. I get to spend more time with my family and friends.

    I like being in control of shaping my business. Being your own boss give you the opportunity to learn about anything that you want.

    As your own boss, you get to meet new people which can help your business grow.

    I like that by visiting your website, I was able to pick up some new Ideas.

  • Gary

    Thanks to you, I learned something new today about self-employment careers. I know a little bit about WordPress, which I learned the hard way, but never thought I could make money with it.

    I like your advice to follow your heart. That’s what I’ve done for the past 30 years and it’s made all the difference.

    With the internet, there is no reason to work for a boss if you don’t want to. It takes planning and a willingness to take small risks, but the rewards are phenomenal.

    Even if you don’t get rich, you get to live life on your terms. That’s the greatest reward ever.

  • greg smyth

    Where are the pedals on the bike? Sorry, just my sense of fun.

    This article topic is very relevant to anybody online, as we are learning all the time. What we learn can be used for other income streams, as you have said.

    Our knowledge can be used to help others, and maybe earning an income too. You may have friends or family that want to set up a blog, but have no idea how. If you can help, word of mouth is still an effective form of advertising!

    Many ways of earning online income will mean many opportunities, and your knowledge can be worth money!


    • Good eye, Greg!

      I guess there’s no pedals on the bike because with “freedom” you wouldn’t need them. Ha ha

      Thanks for your comments and feedback!


      ~ Tam

  • Vlad

    It seems to me that you are at a crossroad in your life, something that I can very much relate to.
    I wish you the best of luck, you seem do be very down to earth and I will make sure to follow your journey.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll find something that may help me too, eh? This *is* what your website is all about!

    Cheers, Vlad!

    • Thanks, Vlad!

      I appreciate your comment and appreciate you following my journey. If there is ever anything I can do to help, please let me know.


      ~ Tam

  • Karlo

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about how to be self employed today. I agree with you 100%, freedom and flexibility are definitely two of the top ranked reasons people are interested in being self-employed. I’m glad I came across your website because you provide great informations.
    Best regards

  • RN Didi

    Hi Tam,

    I can relate with your story as I too I’m trying to become self employed. I’ve been a nurse for less than a decade, but the crazy shifts and lack of time to enjoy my family have made me want to explore other options. I can’t wait to learn more about how you’ve achieved your goal and get inspired!

    Thanks again!
    RN Didi

  • BelieveYouCandle

    Thank you for the information!

    Focusing on SEO within a website or for an individual blog post is quite an adventure. There are literally thousands and thousands of sites that offer guidance and advice on the subject and its really tough to filter through all the subjects and not get confused by all the information.

    Your post is short and to the point without confusing us, which is an easy thing to do sometimes, lol. 🙂

    Your point #2 – Write relevant content for your intended audience is probably one of the biggest take aways from all the information I’ve read and seen and it is definitely a big one.

    Thank you very much for the information!

  • Anh Nguyen

    Hey there,

    Thanks for this great reminder of what writing content for SEO is about. I agree with you, it’s worth considering your readers, about trust, integrity, relevance, content quality and inspiration instead of being too over-the-top about optimization, keyword stuffing and such. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing!


  • Ralph

    This is very helpful information. When it comes to getting noticed in the internet world, learning how to write is just the beginning. I agree with you, building trust is very important, and many sites online use tactics just to make money. I will keep in mind your suggestions when i decide to start my own blog. Thanks!