How To Be Self Employment Savvy Today

How To Be Self Employment Savvy Today

Freedom and flexibility are two of the top ranked reasons people are interested in being self-employed.

How can you become self-employment savvy today? The short answer is through education and setting goals. This website will help you. Please leave any comments or questions below, too. Self-employment—like all work and industries—is constantly evolving. Here are some suggestions to becoming self-employment savvy today:

  1. Choose from activities you like to do or you discover are popular. Examples include providing personal services (shopping, driving, tutoring, dog walking, baby sitting, yard work, leaf clean up, snow removal, etc.) What careers are available in the self-employment world? What jobs call to you? Finding your passion while serving others is key to successful self-employment.
  2. What trends can you follow or trailblaze with your business idea? What do you love most from the choices you found above? How can you provide this product or service to others?
  3. Commit to meeting 1-5 new people every day to discover what problems you can solve for them through self-employment.
  4. Create plans and objectives to build your self-employment business.
  5. What self-employment considerations should be addressed? Examples include understanding self-employment tax deductions, self-employment tax calculated and working closely with a trusted tax advisor.

Creating a vision mission and values for your business while cultivating a group of trusted advisors (a vision team for you and your business) can make a huge difference, too. Find professionals to advise you and be on your side particularly in the following fields: legal (attorney); tax/financial; human resources; business development. Many regions have Small Business Association SCORE (Society of Retired Executives)volunteers available to help you develop successful self-employment. ( )

Today is the day to journey towards being self-employment savvy. Keep learning and growing for success. It is a journey of being open and flexible for the area(s) in which you choose to serve.

Thanks for any comments or questions below.


  • LeNard

    Hello, Tam,

    I like being self-employed because it really does offer me the freedom I’ve looked for. I get to spend more time with my family and friends.

    I like being in control of shaping my business. Being your own boss give you the opportunity to learn about anything that you want.

    As your own boss, you get to meet new people which can help your business grow.

    I like that by visiting your website, I was able to pick up some new Ideas.

  • Karlo

    thank you for sharing a very interesting article about how to be self employed today. I agree with you 100%, freedom and flexibility are definitely two of the top ranked reasons people are interested in being self-employed. I’m glad I came across your website because you provide great informations.
    Best regards

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