Build a Website For Me

Build a Website For Me!

Build a Website for me, you say!

Sure thing!

I can help!


Whether simple or more involved I just need answers to the following questions, please:

  1. Who is your target audience?
    Target Audience
  2. What is your product or service?
    customer product or service
    (keep in mind that information IS a service, too)
  3. How often do you wish to communicate with your audience? Tin can communication with customers 

    (reasonably frequent communication builds trust and CONNECTION with those you desire to serve as an audience/customer base)

    frequent communication is key

  4. Do you have a mission or vision for your website/endeavor/business?

    mission vision rocks

    (if not, I can help you with that as well) Understanding where one’s mission and vision furthers the design and brand of your website content.

  5. What matters to you the most? What is your big goal of your website?Big GORGEOUS goals

Once you’ve answered these questions (or discussed them with me), then we can sort out the particulars of Self Employment Savvy helping you build a website for you. We’re delighted to be of service by building a website and quality content for you and your business or other endeavor. The solution is here for you!

solution puzzle piece


  • So all these questions will be figured out with your help excellent. I wish there was more people out there such as yourself who really care about what others want and need. You offer a valid and honest service this I look forward to hearing more about when you have the time.
    Yours Truly,

    • Thanks! Helping others and tailoring a website to meet their needs is important. There are many steps along the way and I’d love to discuss it further with you. Best regards, ~ Tam

  • I love the graphics!!! They ABSOLUTELY make anything more fun to read about.
    Awesome! ;o)

  • Andrew

    Hello, Tam thank you for providing such an easy to understand page. But I’m still not sure about who my audience is. If I say people – it’s too broad. Right? If I say, students or unemployed people it means my content and language I use should be easy to understand `for them. What do you think? Once we come up with who our audience how does it affect our website?

    • Thanks for your comments and feedback! Great questions! Once you clarify who your audience in then the shape and form and branding of your webpresence/website is identified and clear to your ideal audience. For example, I visited a website earlier today which was all about how to build a computer from scratch. This creator had a clear vision of the audience and language to use (which happen to include step by step videos for the learner) and created content for this audience. Hope this helps! Thanks again for your comments and feedback. Best wishes for great success to you, too! ~ Tam

  • Xin Zhang

    I really like the graphics you used in your site. They are very well done. Did you create them yourself?

  • Very fun and informative post to read! thanks for the info, learn something new everyday!!

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