How Can I Earn Money While Helping Others?

How Can I Earn Money While Helping Others?What Do You Care About

If you’re anything like me, I think about this question a lot.

How can I earn money by writing about what I care about or what I’m learning?

What do you talk to your family and friends about?

Think about what you talk to family and friends about and that is a great place to start to write about online.

Write about that in your own FREE website and share what you care about with others!


Think about all you text or chat with family and friends and there’s more ideas for earning money.

I’m currently thinking about how I can help students who are considering applying to college (or who have already started) by sharing my story on how I applied to school. I’m passionate about learning and passionate about helping other people find what matters to them so they can be successful.

If you have any questions or comments leave them below and let’s get the conversation started! Thanks for stopping by!


  • Awesome Tam! This is a very interesting piece. I love that it gives me more insight on how to find out what I can write about by thinking of “what I often talk with my family and friends about”
    Fantastic idea of FREE websites! But I have already purchased one so I’ll make do with that, or from you think I can go ahead and get some free sites to talk about different things I love?
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing for us!


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